My Ears Are Burning

aka Folks Say the Darned Nicest Things

My Ears Are Burning

aka Folks Say
the Darned Nicest Things

Landry Malick built my entire gorgeous website, SAHAJA Essential Oils. She guided me through the web design and branding process with love and patience. As the CEO of my new business, I needed guidance and relied on Landry’s expertise to help me make decisions, both on a large scale (choosing a web platform and commerce company) and on a small scale (she is a brilliant copy editor who improved my content so it became clear and engaging). I get fantastic feedback about my site, and the beautiful design has helped me sell my artisanal spa products and essential oil perfumes. Landry has great ideas for social media campaigns and she has set up my branding across all my social media platforms. I also appreciated that Landry taught me how to maintain certain aspects of my website, so I can edit text or photos as needed. I highly recommend working with Landry!
Sahaja Douglass

SAHAJA Essential Oils

Landry is incredible to work with. Even on short notice her projects are ALWAYS on time. She has an almost 6th sense- interpreting what you are describing in some very abstract non-specific way and delivering a greatly enhanced upscale version of “your” vision- Landry is Intuitive, Smart, and Creative! She is really a pleasure to work with and always exceeds expectations.
George Adjieff

CEO, Westlake Pro